And best of all no need to replace the tap washer or re-seat tap seat, but just insert the EASYSEAL spindle. Great for the elderly with its’ ¼ and ½ turn smooth on and off, so easy to operate.    
Easyseal Leaking Taps
Watch the video for  an easy installation
Thanks to all at Easy Tap for such a wonderful product that saved me going mad. I had both kitchen and bathroom taps that were leaking for years, and I must have gone through every washer on the market as well as having new seats put in, but they still leaked. I ended up buying Easy Taps for both the kitchen and bathroom,installed them in ten minutes and not one leak and they are so easy to turn on and off. I can recommend to anyone these fantastic taps and well done to everyone at Easy Tap. Mr M. Mcleod 13/06-2013
Our kitchen taps keep dripping. We were replacing jumper valves on a weekly basis! Luckily we found Easyseal spindles. Installed today, no more drips! Thank you for a great product! Patricia 25/04/2013
“What a magnificent tap. The hot water in my shower would leak if I did not close it with all my strength. I had tried reseating it. But, It would end up the same. I thought I would have to spend a few hundred dollars, getting a plumber in and replacing the whole tap and pipe. I went to Easy Tap. Thinking “well it cant be any Worse. When the salesman explained how it was fitted, I knew that this was a different concept in taps.. It took me less than 5 minutes to put in. I had already removed the old tap. I turned on the water, went into the bathroom. Immediately pleased, it was not dripping. With a quarter of a turn, the hot was full on. I then slowly opened the Cold, until the water was the correct temp. Turned off both taps, without any effort and the water was completely off. I do not know who’s invention this is. But, WELL DONE.” Mr. P Smith  15/03/2012
See what the happy customers say: 

Leaking tap?

Tap leaking? even after installing a new washer ? Easyseal is a permanent solution to all leaking taps, utilising our patented Easyseal  Leaking tap technology.
This is my rental property shower cold tap. It has been leaking for some years. The plumber suggested to change all of the setting behind the wall. but it will cost us over $1000 dollars. I have tried everything from big hardware stores, and it ends up with the same result. I Installed Easyseal tap. it’s working straight away. I would strong recommend to the people who have the same problem. Using Easyseal tap. It works for you. L Ng 24/03/2014 Fast service, great product, easy to install. I ordered the taps on Thursday, got confirmation taps had been sent later on the same day, received them in Sydney on the following Monday. It took less than 15min to install, no problems, no leaks. Very happy. Anthony 13/01/2014
No Need to Re-seat
No More Washers
I ordered some tap spindles with a certain amount of scepticism, many companys make promises of there products that prove false. After installing the Easytap spindles to my previously leaking taps (which I have tried to fix a few times before) I was pleased to find I had no more leaks. I would recommend Easy tap products to any person with doubts of the veracity of this product. Regards Ray Mitchell 22/04/2014  
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What a wonderful product that has saved me going through various washers on the market for the third time in our 14 year old house. Tried various methods and in a week or two they would start to get hard and ended up leaking. I ended up buying a couple of these Easy Taps as a trial for the shower and I installed them in minutes and not one leak for weeks. After being impressed with their ease of function and no more leaks. I ended up fitting out the whole house and its been a couple of months now and not a single drip. I can recommend these fantastic taps to anyone and well done Easy Tap great job. Ari 30-05-2014  
Well, thank goodness for your invention. I must say your service and product are outstanding. Not only did you give us the opportunity to stop leaks, you saved us having to renovate our bathrooms, because we needed the Irwell taps to enable us to keep our tap furniture ( covers ) and therefore our colour scheme. So, thank you and kind regards, Rick Stone 01/07/2014  
Patent product N0    2010101326.
Easyseal   will   work   as   a   plug   and   seal the   tap   hole   vertically.   Traditional jumper    washer    seal    the    tap    seat face   horizontally.   Easyseal   will   block the   hole   whatever   the   size   of   the face   crack;   as   long   as   the   hole   is still   in   round   circle.   Easyseal   would block   it.   Water   flow   through   the Easyseal     and    the    ceramic    discs. Therefore   it   will   permanently   fix   the leaking    tap    and    doesn’t    need    to replace any parts after installed. Patent Number 2010101326.
The only product can permanently Fix Leaking Tap in the market. It’s   a   patent   product   from   Easytap.   You   can   simply   screw   in   Easyseal   product   to   fix the   leaking   tap.   No   matter   how   old   the   tap   is,   Easyseal   will   fix   it.   Easyseal   can   simply change over jumper washer tap to a ceramic disc tap.
I have an old house built in 60s. The tap leaking for years and changed enorous tap washers but end up with the same leaking. I searched from the internet and found Easyseal. I bought it and installed, done. beautiful. it has been over 3 weeks no more drips. I would recommend Easyseal to everyone with the same leaking tap. Ross Lambert 23/06/2015
Congratulation for producing a wonderful product. When I read the simple installation instructions I was dubious. But the installation was really simple as shown. Just a drop of silicon grease on the plug and then screwed into the existing seat and it\'s done. In fact more time was spent in removing the worn tap washer that was jammed in the tap seat. 15-05-2016 Lin Loh 
Many thanks for your patient and helpful attitude getting the correct Easyseal taps for my old home. Now no more dripping taps or having to constantly change washers. The plumber said the taps couldn\'t be reseated again so have avoided the inconvenience and expense of replacing plumbing too. So grateful to have found your product. Thank you! Anne Stewart 25-05-2016  
Letting you know that with both leak-fixing Easy Taps installed, I have regained a dry and quiet ensuite shower – best Xmas gift this year.  Wonder how disappointed the plumber will be for losing his business when later he contacts me to take down the tiles.    Thank you for your revolutionary invention.  Will certainly share product info at holiday gatherings.    Merry Xmas and prosperous business in 2017,   Kind regards, Chan Hsing  QLD 19-12-2016 I wanted to leave a recommendation on your website but it won\'t let me. I just wanted to say thank you for your advice and great product. After MONTHS of trying everything with my plumber insisting I had to replace the wall pipes, I had all but given up! That with sleepless nights led me to find you on Google. I will pass on my experience with your tap insert to anyone who needs a fix. Thanks, Wayne (Joondalup WA) 07-07-2016
A Cracked Tap Seat